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Emerald Corn Cob Loose Absorbent

FORM  |  Free Flowing Solid Granules

COLOR  |  Light Red – Tan

MOISTURE  | Typical: 5.0%; Range: 3.5% – 10.0%

BULK DENSITY  | Typical: 26.5 lb/ft3; Range: 26-32 lb/ft3

PARTICLE SIZE  |  (as determined by screening of the granules)


Emerald Custom Spill kits

  • 5 gallon pails with lids
  • Built to customized specs for customer needs.

Ultra-Hard Top P2 Plus

Ultra Drain Seals

Ultra Overpacks

Ultra Hydrokleen

Universal Grey Bonded Rolls and Pads

Beige Corn Cob Sock

Recycled Oil Only Rolls and Pads